Last updated on: 19 September 2019

Dungeon Master’s Guide

Becoming a Dungeon Master

There is no high barrier of entry to become a dungeon master for the Wanderers Guild. Players are encouraged to try their hand at running a table when they feel ready.

Materials required to DM a Wanderers Guild table are not much more than the requirements for a player. In addition to the materials listed in the Player’s Guide, you will need:

  • An Adventure: See the below section on valid adventures for what material may be run for the Wanderers Guild. It is recommended that you spend some time reading the adventure prior to running it, in order to become familiar with the story that you will be crafting.

The following optional items are not required, but are highly recommended:

  • Monster Manual: The single most important book for a Dungeon Master. While many adventures have monster statistics in the back, having a separate Monster Manual is a great investment.
  • Dungeon Master’s Guide: The DMG contains tons of useful information about running games from the DM’s perspective. Most important are the descriptions of magic items which may be encountered in the course of a game.
  • Maps and Miniatures: Many Dungeon Masters (and players) prefer to explore the tactical aspects when combat is run on a grid with miniatures. Of course, individual tastes may vary, and DMs are encouraged to use whatever method suits their own style.
  • Dungeon Master’s Screen: A DM’s screen serves two purposes—hiding key information to which players should not have access, and providing handy charts and tables for the Dungeon Master to reference during the game.